I managed to snag a Jar of your Kimchi and I have to say: even for a pickled vegetable snob such as myself, this Kimchi was DELICIOUS. Crunchy, flavorful and bold. I’m going to bring some into our office!
- A.J S
My friend Nicole brought me some of your Volcano Kimchi and I ate half the jar in one sitting! It’s so delicious. Can’t wait to make some online purchases. Thank you! 
- Alex M
I met you in Rainbow grocery when you were giving out samples with your son! The kimchi is so great! I am eating it the way you served it too! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help your business!
- Ongoco


Nothing but the best organic and locally sourced produce with no additives or sugars

CABBAGE & Jicama

Volcano Kimchi starts with locally grown organic Napa Cabbage, Jicama and Radish. We source our produce from farmers around the Bay Area.

Our Cabbage


Unlike most other brands, Volcano Kimchi is unique because we use organic pears instead of refined sugar as part of the fermentation process.

Our Pears


Volcano Kimchi is low in sodium and contains only the best unrefined sea salt.

Our Salt


Most importantly, each jar of Volcano Kimchi is made with love, packaged by hand and ready to be enjoyed with every meal.

Our History


Launched in 2014, Volcano Kimchi is a San Francisco-based producer of quality handmade kimchi. I use mostly locally sourced, non-GMO and organic ingredients to create a unique product that compliments almost any table.

The number of kimchi products available on U.S. store shelves is rapidly growing along with the popularity of this traditional Korean staple. What sets Volcano Kimchi apart?

Volcano Kimchi will be available in a variety of types and flavors, including organic Jicama and Radish, from the more mild kimchi typically eaten in spring to zestier, more robust kimchi as the temperature falls.


I was born in South Korea, and grew up in a buddhist monastery where every meal included a variety of home-grown and locally-harvested vegetables, served in an array of vibrant and nutritious ways.

I came to San Francisco in 2001. Soon after I began working at a non-profit as a reporter and liaison to local Korean media. I was fortunate in that my work brought me in touch with both the Korean American community and with the many other communities that make up the mosaic that is the Bay Area. I learned about new cultures and experienced new cuisines.

Still, at home I continued to try and recreate the flavors of my youth using locally sourced ingredients. While San Francisco is now home, the memory of those flavors is as fresh today as it was then. This is the guiding inspiration I use in preparing Volcano Kimchi.

Volcano Kimchi, Catered


Ppali, Ppali. Most Koreans know this phrase. It literally means “fast, fast” and stems from Koreans’ general impatience with getting things done quick. Believe it or not, with a little kimchi you can serve up a delicious, nutritious meal in no time. 
Ppali, Ppali!

find volcano Kimchi at these retailers

Rainbow Grocery

1745 Folsom Street
9am-9pm every day
Real Food Co

2140 Polk Street
3060 Fillmore Street
8am-9pm every day
Small Foods SF

522 2nd Street
Luke’s Local

Online. delivery map.

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